Indiana Small Business and Consumer Attorney

For over a decade I have helped thousands of individuals and small businesses with a large variety of financial concerns.  Whether you are overwhelmed with debt, harassing phone calls, lawsuits , tax issues, garnishments, levies, or are facing foreclosure, the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard can help!

Is Bankruptcy the Solution to Your Debt Problems?

Some attorneys — primarily those who work for bankruptcy-only law firms — may say yes before they even know you. The truth is bankruptcy is the solution to some debt problems but not others. Using bankruptcy to get rid of tax debt, for example, may be overkill when you can accomplish the same end by negotiating an offer in compromise with the IRS.

If you are facing debt problems, don’t let anyone steer you into a solution until you understand what you are getting into. At the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard serving most of central Indiana, we offer a free initial consultation to explain the full range of debt relief options that are available to you. We’re here not only to provide legal services, but to help you understand your choices.

Putting All of Your Options on the Table

As an attorney who practices in a broad spectrum of consumer and business legal matters, the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard spends a great deal of time counseling our clients and explaining how bankruptcy and other debt settlement alternatives work. By explaining all of your options, we can help you make an educated decision about the best way to obtain debt relief. That solution may be:

  • Negotiating a settlement of your debt with your creditors without filing bankruptcy
  • Negotiating a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or loan modification with your mortgage company
  • Negotiating with the IRS or Indiana state tax authority to obtain tax debt relief
  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Free Attorney Consultation

If you are facing debt or tax problems, you have nothing to lose by seeking a lawyer’s advice. You have a lot to lose by postponing it. Call 317-894-0626 or fill out the contact form on this Web site to arrange a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard.

File Online Without Ever Leaving Your Home

The internet has changed our lives in many ways.  Many people now find it unnecessary to take time off work or run into town when the same task can be done online.  Our office has grasped this technology and implemented it into our practice.  If you are comfortable with using the internet, emailing, and scanning documents, then most (if not all) of your case can be handled online, at your convenience.  This keeps you from having to set appointments and coming to our office; the internet is a virtual office! Click here to learn more!

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